7-on-7 Tournament Rules


12 Players on a team

Minimum (1) Adult Coach per Team

Proper Attire

Gym shorts

Mouth guard

Jersey / T-shirt / Compression shirt

Team shirts must be the same

Format of Tournament

Tweny (20) minute games (running clock)

Each team has two (2) 30-second timeouts


Initial possession determined by coin toss

Ball starts on 40 yard line

Coaches must stay on sideline during the game-they cannot go onto the field


  • Rushing (Applies only to the 8-9 year old tournament ONLY)(NO running plays (including QB) in other age groups):
    • ONLY ONE running play per set of four downs. The Quarterback is NOT eligible to run the ball!
    • Only direct handoffs and pitches/laterals behind the line of scrimmage are permitted.
      • Offense may use multiple handoffs and/or laterals.
        • Laterals or pitches ARE allowed only behind the line of scrimmage.
        • If the ball hits the ground, it is ruled a dead ball.
        • A lateral/pitch must be made behind the QB and not forward.
        • If the ball hits the ground, it is a deadball. If it is forward, it must be received beyond the line of scrimmage.
    • The player who takes the handoff or pitch can throw the ball from behind the line of scrimmage.
    • “No-running zones,” located between the 25 to 20 yard lines and between the 5 yard line and goal line, are designed to avoid short-yardage power-running situations. Once in the No-Run Zone the offensive team must pass.
    • If a pitch or lateral is intercepted by the defense behind the line of scrimmage, this is a live ball and can be run back by the defense.
  • The ball is spotted where the ball carrier’s feet are when he has been touched, not where the ball is. There is no “stretching the ball out” in order to gain a first down or touchdown.
  • Four (4) downs to make a first down (20 yard line), then four (4) downs to score
  • One back in backfield (inside the tackle box)
  • QB has five (5) seconds to release the ball
  • Sacks equal loss of down, restart ball on original line of scrimmage (LOS)
  • Six (6) receivers are eligible
  • 25 second to put ball in play (play clock)
    • If team exceeds 25 seconds, loss of down and game clock stops and will restart when ball is snapped
  • No blocking is permitted


  • Defensive players can bump-and-run up to five (5) yards (Bump-and-run after five (5) yards is pass interference)


  • Touchdowns are worth seven (7) points (there is no extra point)
  • Interceptions count for three (3) points

OFFENSE - Loss of Down
SITUATIONS - Pass Interference, Blocking, Offside-Motion

DEFENSE - Five (5) yards, repeat down
SITUATION - Off-sides, Illegal contact-holding, Pass interference

*ABSOLUTELY NO taunting, excessive celebration or foul language will be tolerated by players or coaches. Failure to comply will result in loss of possession and player will be removed from the game. 2nd infraction will result in an ejection from the tournament.

Tiebreaker Procedures

1st Overtime

  • Start ball on 20 yard line, Four (4) downs to score
  • PAT attempt from five (5) yard line - one (1) point (overtime only)
  • Each team has chance to score
  • Interception will end game

2nd Overtime

  • Start ball on 20 yd line, 2 downs to score
  • PAT attempt from 5 yd line - 1 pt (overtime only)
  • Interception will end game